The Fat Turk – Brentwood Essex – Website Design

The Fat Turk Brentwood Essex, a stylish and vibrant restaurant providing world class Turkish cuisine, contacted me as they wanted me to design a website which reflected the style and culture of their restaurant.

Their design spec was for the website to give the same experience to the user as they would have when they were first entering the restaurant. This first starts with the video on the homepage. This video of the food & cooking process gives you a very quick idea of what to expect when you enter the premises in Essex. You could almost taste the grill!

Another aspect for this website was to make sure all the pages were designed to be responsive. All the pages & functionality needed to work flawlessly on any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop. This was crucial as a majority of users would be looking to book a table with The Fat Turk via tablets or smartphones.

The final aspect was to make sure they could update the website themselves. I provided a guide on how to update their website and spent time training the team. They are now to add up coming offers to the website themselves.

Visit today and if you are local then make sure you book a table today!

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