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SEO & Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

So you have a great looking website, that is functional & works on all devices. Is that all you need? No!

Just having a website itself will not bring in your new clients. You need a website that works with you, and that starts with SEO & Digital Marketing.

We have teamed up with our friends at Adsocial Media Management to provide a bespoke Digital Marketing plan to get the right customers visiting your website and Social Media accounts.

There are two main aspects that we would start with; getting more traffic and tracking those into conversions.

1. Getting more traffic with SEO and Digital Marketing

The first step in making a website that works for you is getting visitors.

A lot of digital marketers would say that you need to be #1 on Google for this to work. This isn't true. There is a difference between just getting more generic visitors and actually getting the right visitors who will become your clients.

We would work together to look at what Keywords you should be ranking for, and where the majority of your visitors will originate from. This might be Google, but it could also be Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest. Knowing where your future clients are coming from would help us focus your energy into the correct areas.

This can also be compliments with various other digital marketing, like Facebook Ads or Google Ads. I can help you manage your Social Media accounts or various Ad campaigns to generate these leads.


2. Converting the traffic

Now that you have a steady flow of visitors to your website, the next stage is to found out how they are using your website and how to convert these visits into sales.

We can create various reports and install tracking onto your website so that we can track how a user uses your site and how many actually turn into customers. From this data we can then work out what tweaks we need to make to your website to make it better at working for you.

For example, if you are a photographer and your visitors seem to look at your gallery but then leave your website without completing your contact form. We would then change the elements on your gallery and add a call to action, to reinforce why the visitor should become your client.

This is an on-going process that will continue to give you a better online presence and will help your business grow!


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