Eat Yourself Cool

It was a pleasure to work with Katharine in London to create a design a web site for her book.

Katharine Abayomi, A.K.A Yomi: nutritional therapy guru, linguist and singer-songwriter, was born in the United King­dom, in the city of London. The second eldest of five, she is the only one of her siblings, with the protective sickle cell (an­ti-malaria) gene. At the age of twenty four, six months after the birth of her only son, Katharine went on to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. After eight years, she decided to diversify and focus on her other passion, languages. She subsequently obtained a degree in French and Spanish from the University of Manches­ter and then a Masters in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, from King’s College London. Other nutritional books by Katharine Abayomi include: ‘Eat Yourself Cool: How to Prevent and Treat Sickle Cell Anaemia and Other Health Issues Naturally’ and the ‘Eat Yourself Cool Recipe Book’.

Katharine’s interest in nutritional therapy was initially born out of a desire to preserve her youthful image as an artist, it was only later that she began to connect these foods with the enhance­ment of her mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Thanks to a diet which consists, for the most part, of natural and unprocessed food, Katharine lives a life that is free from sickle cell anaemia. She simply, ‘eats herself cool’!

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