About Me


"Our main focus is strategic financial decisions based on the long term goals of our partners."

Hi, I'm Paul!

Paul Rees

Who Am I?

So you've read about what services I offer, but who am I?

I am a computer & gadget geek. I have been interested in computers and technology for as long as I can remember and feel at home behind a keyboard.

I started developing websites in 2000 when I first had access to the internet whilst I was in school. Back then there wasn't much that you could do but I loved finding ways to push the current technology as far as I could.

Since then I have been developing websites for friends, family & local businesses as a hobby as it is something that I enjoy.

Whilst doing that, I have also been working for various business in different roles from Customer Services, Operations & Supply Chain. This has given me the experience of working for various different companies in different industries, which with my technical expertise from my hobby, has placed me in a very good position to not only develop websites but help with the digital marketing side of promoting your business.


One question I get asked a lot is why do I call myself PocketPaul. I am known within my family and amongst my friends as the go to IT person. This has extended to one of my old Managers who loved gadgets but found them difficult to set up.

I used to help him set up and troubleshoot any issues he had with his gadgets or computers. He said he needed me on hand whenever he had an issue, he needed a 'PocketPaul' to take with him. This is since stuck as a nickname!

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I approach every project as if it was my own business.

I started learning about Digital Marketing as I wanted to promote my services online. Whilst taking my Google qualifications I found that I really enjoyed ranking websites and seeing the results, so I decided to learn more & start to offer this as one of my services.

I see all the projects that I do as if they are part of my own business. If you do well, then I do well, so why wouldn't I help as much as I could?

Some companies will just get your website ranked, but I want to get your website ranked and for it to start to convert those visitors into paying clients. To create a website that works for you!

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